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It's been a's been busy...blah blah blah. Still one of my most memorable shows, ANIMAL by Borondo. The subject and messages behind some of the pieces seem to becoming more and more relevant. 


Jarus x Bonzai - Alfreshco

The time was 5am and it was a cold wintery morning back in February when I was awoken out of my slumber by Bonzai who reminded me we had a train to catch from Victoria to St Neots in less than half hour.


Shepard Fairey - PAZ Y LIBERTAD

In 1987 Andre Rene Roussimoff aka Andre The Giant drew the biggest WWF crowd at the the Pontiac Silver Dome. Two years later American street artist, Shepard Fairey, would create one of the most globally recognised images of our time, based on the legendary wrestler...'Andre The Giant Has A Posse'.


Conor Harrington

Irish born, East London based artist Conor Harrington is one of the most acclaimed artists of today. Fusing a mixture of historical and modern techniques Conor's large scale paintings are adored across the globe.


Man on a Mission

Just before the turn of the year we were fortunate enough to be invited by none other than London based artist Word To Mother, for his recent California Coming Home show at White Walls Gallery. During our time there we caught up with Herakut, who were showing at the same time, as well as Spraying Bricks feature Ben Eine.


James Cochran

Jimmy C is no stranger to Shoreditch, his work can be admired from Brick Lane through to Redchurch Street and as far as Old Street. Spraying Bricks were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the man in action on Bethnal Green Road, creating this portrait piece of a homeless man who Jimmy met on his travels in the city.

IDIOM - The House of Paint

Spraying Bricks ventured south of the river to an abandoned, soon to be demolished, 5 storey Edwardian building. Standing outside the townhouse there was a feeling of desertion, but as you walk through the door of the Brixton property it is clear to see that ID-IOM have made their mark.

Buff Monster - Studio Visit

Random NYC studio visit with the man that is Buff Monster. I first met Buff Monster back in the debauchery of Miami Art Basel 2014. I had a few too many cocktails and Buff had crazy hair plus some smooth looking shades.



It is coming up to a year since we headed to southern Spain, seeking warmer climates...destination Málaga. Invited out in mid November last year, Spraying Bricks tagged along for the journey to witness D*Face paint an epic, 10 storey, 200 ft blank canvas.


Reeps ONE

Spraying Bricks caught up with Harry Yeff aka Reeps One redecorating his Warehouse in Seven Sisters, North London. After spending the day with Yeff it was clear to see that his visual art influences his vocal art and vice versa. Harry Yeff is usually better known for his stage name Reeps One.


Guilty Pleasures

London based artist Dean Stockton aka D*Face is no stranger to Spraying Bricks. We joined D*Face earlier this year to recreate the Guilty Pleasures piece from his critically acclaimed 'New World Disorder' show. The mural was painted over 5 days through the gruelling British summer time.


SMUG - ArtScape 2014

This recent piece from photo-realistic artist Smug has caused slight controversy with a few local residence in Malmö. The 8 storey high Troll mural is located in the Holma district of Malmö and took Australian-born, Glaswegian based artist Smug 5 days to complete.



An Australian street artist based in Glasgow. Since recognising his passion for Graffiti, Smug has quickly become one of the most talented street artists around. His high-quality murals demonstrate a photo-realistic style, and a careful and precise attitude to his work.

Word To Mother - California Coming Home

It was around '98 when I first met Word To Mother. Lining up outside the courts of Summerfields Leisure Centre, Hastings, for basketball practice. Built like a racing snake, with shorts below the knees and socks pulled up to meet, he was the first kid I'd seen ever spin a ball on his finger.



Back in February this year we had the privilege of meeting two crazy Cali dudes...Rabi and Davey, aka Doug and Doug from art collective CYRCLE. Having just come fresh from PowWow Hawaii it was no surprise that the British weather was a shock to the system.



On his recent visit to London, Spraying Bricks took the initiative and went down to catch the man and legend himself, Ben Eine, as he painted the walls of the London Newcastle Gallery and Shoreditch house, the two iconic walls he painted 3 years previous.



Introducing a opportunity for artists, animators, illustrators and graphic designers to showcase new and old ideas that they have had sitting in the locker. This episode has been brought to us by the talented Darren John.



After nearly a year on we have finally managed to recover one of the original Spraying Bricks episodes with London and graffiti legend Zomby! Graffiti renowned for its underground culture has been long seen as provocative. It has since become a beautiful art form, albeit still illegal, it is a medium for artists to express themselves without restrictions.


Dan Leo

Doodling his way through the schooling system Dan Leo went on to study Animation and Graphic design at university. Dan now spends his time perusing all things creative, regardless of it being digital, hand painted, 3D or outside for the world to admire.