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ABOVE - 12 Months

Louis Jensen

12-Months completes a year cycle. I’ve experienced 34-complete cycles thus far in my life. Over the years I’ve become very familiar with the range of different feelings, and impacts each month has on me. 

ABOVE is one the worlds most prolific street artists and not a stranger to Spraying Bricks. Its been great getting back in contact with him this year and to hear that his new body of work is finally ready to reveal to the world. Here is what he had to say about it all...

In September, 2015 I had the concept of creating a body of work that was directly inspired by each month of the year. It was an idea that quickly grew inside my imagination. What was attractive, but also challenging was working within the confines of each specific month. For example the month of October. When I would brainstorm my color palette for October I would never select Blue, Green, Purple, or Pink colors. Rather more Browns, Oranges, Deep Reds, and Dark Yellow. It was a double edge sword as each month I would select a specific color palette to create within. What was attractive to working within these confines was that I had used colors I've not typically incorporated in my paintings.

During my process I would take notes on my associations, feelings, and colors that I felt represent each month to me. Once I refined my selection of words I used them as guides to help me translate these feelings, into a design. I wanted the design, and the colors to represent how each month felt to me.

I'd say that during the past year I've had an overwhelming interest in Abstract Art, Geometric abstraction, Minimal art, patterns, and Sacred Geometry. All of these new interests has ignited a new approach of how I look, and create my art. The arrow icon I'm known for is an object consisting of many different shapes. If I look at the arrow sections or pieces, I'm able to play with those parts and re-arrange them to create totally new shapes. What I've been interested a lot in for the past few years is incorporating a balance of curves into my artworks. The arrow as a whole is sharp, straight lines.

What I've been experimenting with is a balance of having circles, and curves in general directly inserted into the compositions I've made. You can see these curves and styles in the March, July, September and December months. I have been taking a new approach to how I view my art and the arrow I'm so familiar with. It's an exciting time for my art as I feel I've discovered some new styles I want to keep exploring.

12 Months is now showing at Soon Gallery in Zurich

Random Studio Visit with his Buffness...

Louis Jensen

I first met Buff Monster back in the debauchery of Miami Art Basel 2014. I had a few too many cocktails and Buff had crazy hair plus some smooth looking shades. Fast forward to Basel 2015, again after one too many cocktails at the Swizz Beats No commission art fair I spot Buff Monster at the back of the room quietly sipping on the free drinks laid out by Bacardi. 

Learning from my mistake in the previous year I decided to take a couple of days out in NYC before heading back across the pond. With just with my ol' faithful DSLR I decided to give Buff a call and pay a random, last minute visit to his studio before jumping on a flight back home.

Watch full video here

Jarus x Bonzai -

Louis Jensen

The time was 5am and it was a cold wintery morning back in February when I was awoken out of my slumber by Bonzai, who reminded me that we had a train to catch from Victoria to St Neots in less than half hour. Needless to say we made it by the skin of our teeth but not without copping a 40 quid fine for neglecting to grab a ticket on our way and jumping the barrier. Despite the bad weather conditions and severe trench-foot I joined Jarus and Bonzai on a jolly to the quaint town of St Neots to visit Dave and his yard of wonder. 

This was all a bit sudden. I had only met Jarus two days prior and had invited him to stay at my house for the evening, not knowing him from Adam. I was due to film him paint a wall in Walthamstow but that kind of went tits up, so to make it up Jarus suggested I join him and Bonzai. I’ve known Bonzai for a couple of years now so I decided to give him a call to arrange the finer details. It was an early start and until that morning the pair had neglected to tell me the sleeping arrangements for the hotel that night. They had booked a room for two so we had to do the old switch-e-roo on the local Premier Inn (as if they gave a shit) and I had the floor. 

Alreshco...if you haven’t been there is like every graffiti kids wet dream. A playground for writers. Dave, who owns, operates a wholesale business from the yard. A few years back his son took a real interest into graffiti so Dave let him paint in his yard. He would order online or travel to London to pick up paint for his son. This started to become costly and prices started to increase. Fed up with paying and with the lack of choice on the market, Dave decided to set up and sell paint himself. Since then Dave has constructed a mock NYC subway train and London Underground carriage. Artists like Bonzai, Kak and Aroe from MSK paint there on a regular basis. 


Louis Jensen


StolenSpace Gallery presents 'Rise & Fall' a satirical solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist MEGGS. Following his residency and sold-out show at Inner State Gallery in Detroit last September, where he painted his largest mural to date at over 6,000 square feet, MEGGS continues his perpetual fascination with dualism, urban decay, and finding beauty in tragedy. 'Rise & Fall' toys with current fractures in the social fabric of urban society, such as imploding over-indulgence, fallen idols, and the detriments of pop culture.

In 'Rise & Fall' MEGGS combines light and colorful imagery with his unique, expressive, and energetic style. His technical use of color and movement fuse clean, bold, illustrative elements with intuitive, textural, and free flowing design. The exhibition will feature comic influences, natural elements, pop icon mash-ups, and abstract collaging on canvas, paper, wood panels, and comic book covers.

Special thanks to VNA Magazine and Global Street Art

"Through all of the manufacturing and consumerism, we have moved away from more genuine, simple ideals such as community...and perhaps things that are better for us" MEGGS

"Through all of the manufacturing and consumerism, we have moved away from more genuine, simple ideals such as community...and perhaps things that are better for us" MEGGS

Originally from Melbourne, MEGGS has proven to be one of Australia's most progressive street and fine artists with countless murals and gallery shows worldwide. His massive, large-scale murals throughout the globe have made him a must-see artist at mural festivals like POW! WOW!, Forest For The Trees, and Pangeaseed's Sea Walls. Taking this same tireless work ethic to fine art gallery shows with creative and immersive installations, MEGGS' 'Rise & Fall' will be sure to impress.


Louis Jensen

Fluorescent Smogg is pleased to announce the launch of Paranoia On Paper The Sequel, a collaborative, site-specific installation and exclusive print release from UK natives Sickboy and Word To Mother. The Barcelona-based project space will feature a unique, multi-disciplinary showcase from the graffiti duo, expanding on an idiosyncratic visual language and combined vocabulary developed over the past 5 years. The one-off event will present distinctive sketches and artist paraphernalia alongside signature, hyper-coloured cartoons and works in-situ.

Paranoia On Paper The Sequel follows the subversive pair’s hugely popular Paranoia on Paper, a collectors box set offering a rare insight into the artist’s private work and paying homage to a mutual addiction to sketching. The upcoming release this November continues in a similar vein, comprising limited edition fine art giclees, with spot varnish and screen print finishings, available in both ‘baked’ standard and special editions. Fluorescent Smogg promotes an uprising in quality and creativity, ensuring every item is produced to the highest standard and all prints are authenticated, signed and dated by both artists.

The inaugural, artist-led exhibition will open exclusively for launch and then subsequently by appointment only, with remaining editions available to purchase online and original works on display in the gallery window until the New Year. The free opening event hopes to unite like-minded talent across a multitude of practices and disciplines, encouraging challenging and dynamic collaborative projects. Paranoia On Paper The Sequel marks the first of several independant projects planned for the space throughout 2015, encorporating a diverse programme featuring both emerging and established international artists.

For more information and press images please contact:

Word To Mother x SF

Louis Jensen

It was around ’98 when I first met Word To Mother. Lining up outside the courts of Summerfields Leisure Centre, Hastings, for basketball practice. Built like a racing snake, with shorts below the knees and socks pulled up to meet, he was the first kid I’d seen ever spin a ball on his finger. Immediately, at the time with him being my elder, I was amazed. 15 years on and still as humble as ever, Word To Mother is one of the worlds most respected artists.

A massive thank you to Justin and the guys at White Walls Gallery for their love and hospitality.


Louis Jensen

It is coming up to a year since we headed to southern Spain, seeking warmer climates…destination Málaga. Invited out in mid November last year, Spraying Bricks tagged along for the journey to witness D*Face paint an epic, 10 storey, 200 ft blank canvas.

Towards the end of 2013, Centro De Arte Contemporáneo (CAC) and Maus hosted an array of international artists from around the globe to part-take in the regeneration and establishment of the Soho Arts Quarter, Málaga. The ‘Dead Pilot’ mural by D*Face is located at the rear of the CAC Málaga Museum.


Louis Jensen

Back in February this year we had the privilege of meeting two crazy Cali dudes...Rabi and Davey, aka Doug and Doug from art collective CYRCLE. Having just come fresh from PowWow Hawaii it was no surprise that the British weather was a shock to the system. This particular piece was painted over the course of 5 days and nights to mark the launch of their recent show OVERTHRONE, at Stolen Space Gallery early on in the year. The image depicts the statue 'Rape of Polyxena' by Pio Fedi.