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6 Malty House, Maltby Street
United Kingdom

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Jarus x Bonzai -

Louis Jensen

The time was 5am and it was a cold wintery morning back in February when I was awoken out of my slumber by Bonzai, who reminded me that we had a train to catch from Victoria to St Neots in less than half hour. Needless to say we made it by the skin of our teeth but not without copping a 40 quid fine for neglecting to grab a ticket on our way and jumping the barrier. Despite the bad weather conditions and severe trench-foot I joined Jarus and Bonzai on a jolly to the quaint town of St Neots to visit Dave and his yard of wonder. 

This was all a bit sudden. I had only met Jarus two days prior and had invited him to stay at my house for the evening, not knowing him from Adam. I was due to film him paint a wall in Walthamstow but that kind of went tits up, so to make it up Jarus suggested I join him and Bonzai. I’ve known Bonzai for a couple of years now so I decided to give him a call to arrange the finer details. It was an early start and until that morning the pair had neglected to tell me the sleeping arrangements for the hotel that night. They had booked a room for two so we had to do the old switch-e-roo on the local Premier Inn (as if they gave a shit) and I had the floor. 

Alreshco...if you haven’t been there is like every graffiti kids wet dream. A playground for writers. Dave, who owns, operates a wholesale business from the yard. A few years back his son took a real interest into graffiti so Dave let him paint in his yard. He would order online or travel to London to pick up paint for his son. This started to become costly and prices started to increase. Fed up with paying and with the lack of choice on the market, Dave decided to set up and sell paint himself. Since then Dave has constructed a mock NYC subway train and London Underground carriage. Artists like Bonzai, Kak and Aroe from MSK paint there on a regular basis.