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ABOVE - 12 Months

Louis Jensen

12-Months completes a year cycle. I’ve experienced 34-complete cycles thus far in my life. Over the years I’ve become very familiar with the range of different feelings, and impacts each month has on me. 

ABOVE is one the worlds most prolific street artists and not a stranger to Spraying Bricks. Its been great getting back in contact with him this year and to hear that his new body of work is finally ready to reveal to the world. Here is what he had to say about it all...

In September, 2015 I had the concept of creating a body of work that was directly inspired by each month of the year. It was an idea that quickly grew inside my imagination. What was attractive, but also challenging was working within the confines of each specific month. For example the month of October. When I would brainstorm my color palette for October I would never select Blue, Green, Purple, or Pink colors. Rather more Browns, Oranges, Deep Reds, and Dark Yellow. It was a double edge sword as each month I would select a specific color palette to create within. What was attractive to working within these confines was that I had used colors I've not typically incorporated in my paintings.

During my process I would take notes on my associations, feelings, and colors that I felt represent each month to me. Once I refined my selection of words I used them as guides to help me translate these feelings, into a design. I wanted the design, and the colors to represent how each month felt to me.

I'd say that during the past year I've had an overwhelming interest in Abstract Art, Geometric abstraction, Minimal art, patterns, and Sacred Geometry. All of these new interests has ignited a new approach of how I look, and create my art. The arrow icon I'm known for is an object consisting of many different shapes. If I look at the arrow sections or pieces, I'm able to play with those parts and re-arrange them to create totally new shapes. What I've been interested a lot in for the past few years is incorporating a balance of curves into my artworks. The arrow as a whole is sharp, straight lines.

What I've been experimenting with is a balance of having circles, and curves in general directly inserted into the compositions I've made. You can see these curves and styles in the March, July, September and December months. I have been taking a new approach to how I view my art and the arrow I'm so familiar with. It's an exciting time for my art as I feel I've discovered some new styles I want to keep exploring.

12 Months is now showing at Soon Gallery in Zurich